Ebook Glue

Turn your web content into a reading experience.

Ebook Glue is a simple online service that allows bloggers and web developers to turn their content into a downloadable ebook that they can share with the world. Ebook Glue provides a free blog-to-ebook converter that allows bloggers to create a great reading experience without having to typeset and design their own books. Ebook Glue also provides a developer API that allows web developers and businesses to create ePub and Mobipocket ebooks from their existing web sites and documents.

App submitted Sat 22 Jun '13

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Review posted Mon 1 Jul '13

Quite simply, Ebook Glue is an easy way to convert your written content, like your blog for example, into a downloadable and nicely designed ebook that you can share with your friends and the rest of the world. And while ... Read more