Get organized Save time. Live better.
Edo is your virtual desk where you can organize, share and always have on hand all of your digital content, in a smart and easy way. * Organize your life: Edo lets you organize all your personal, work, and school-related digital documents. Share your content from mobile to desktop and vice versa. * Quick search: Personal categories help you stay organized and easily find your content when you need it. * Add any type of media: Organize all of your links, documents, photos, videos and audio recordings into categories and they'll be at your fingertips, accessible on any device. * Share faster: Add friends and colleagues by their email addresses and start creating desks where you can share anything you want, without worrying about permission-related issues. * Collaborate: Write notes on your shared files to communicate memos and ideas to your contacts.
App submitted Sun 6 Jul '14

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