Social Integration for your websites in Seconds

Embedded Chat is a brand new Social Chat Widget that can be installed on your websites by just pasting one javascript code once on your site header.

The Benefits of having a social chat widget provided by Embedded-chat.com on your websites are huge. I'll point some out below:

- Your site immediately becomes social. Meaning that your visitors will get a much better way communicate with you and each others using the group chat rooms.
- You get real time feedback from your visitors. This also will allow you to know what they think and what they like of your site.
- A better social experience leads to more visits on your site. In addition your visitors will be able to invite their social networks friends to come and see it.

And it gets better. As this new service is a private beta you can get started absolutely for Free!

Just give it a try. Read more about the features on http://www.embedded-chat.com/

App submitted Fri 16 Nov '12

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