Capture, share, and discover social reactions in an instant.

emoteShare, pronounced (ee-mote-share) and spelled with a lower case “e”, is a web app and social platform dedicated to adding a unique and fun twist to the way that you collect and share opinions. The app is hassle free and has a almost intuitive learning curve; if you’re a web publisher or want to simply measure audience reactions to something, create an emoteShare app plugin for it at www.emoteshare.com. After you've copied and pasted your plugin code to the desired location on your website – your emoteShare account will instantly begin compiling data on reactions from your audience as they interact with the app.

The emoteShare app is great tool for getting audiences to interact directly with your web content on the go. As we can see when using the app first hand - simply select one of the three colorful emoticon faces that best represent your reaction to the content that you’re actively viewing. After you've chosen the emoticon that best represents your reaction to the content, the plugin updates a live social reaction meter under the emoticon faces, showing how others are reacting to the same content you're viewing in real-time. This makes the emoteShare web app particularly useful if you’re running a website or simply looking to gauge reactions to a new product. The emoteShare app provides a great way to engage and connect your audiences in a fun way with your content. The app also can save you the money and time it takes analyzing your social networks for authentic feedback, since the application provides direct and authentic reactions to your content in one location. The emoteShare web app isn't as serious as ratings or as mundane as writing a lengthy review, making it the perfect alternative to quickly gauge audience reaction and opinion on the fly.

If you’re looking to create your emoteShare plugin or find out more about the emoteShare app you can head over to www.emoteshare.com and discover more details.

App specs:

+ Plugin auto-optimized for mobile web browsers.

+ Cloud hosted, for blazing fast speed and high demand services.

+ Sleek design, built on jQuery & CSS for smooth and fast transitions.

+ Copy and paste code, makes plugin ready to deploy in seconds.

Additional Features:

+Facebook connected for instant use and authentic reactions.

+Social Reaction Meter – dynamic visual bar that displays reactions live.

+Reaction Faces – unique interactive faces designed to allow universal reaction to your content

App submitted Tue 10 Sep '13

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Review posted Fri 13 Sep '13

emoteShare is a very useful little cloud based tool that might well give you the same amount of information that a much more expensive feedback tool will deliver. This simple yet clever advice and communication tool for web publishers gives ... Read more