Entrepreneur 2.0 Network

Social network and news sharing portal for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur 2.0 is a free social network and news sharing portal for entrepreneurs anywhere who wish to embrace the power of the web and share their business experiences.

Today’s businesses of all sizes use the web one way or another in order to run and grow their ventures. Entrepreneur 2.0 is the community for entrepreneurs and business owners who have embraced, or wish to embrace, the world wide web to grow their ventures.

Entrepreneur 2.0 Network is a free professional network that allows you to submit and share your favourite news stories, as well as submitting your own content, blogs and press releases.

Entrepreneur 2.0 is not exclusive to Internet businesses. It is the place to share some innovative web ideas and experiences that can help all businesses of all sizes. In fact you can post and access any other business, financial and technology stories that are of interest to all entrepreneurs.

Join our Community Today and Get Inspired.

With our network’s simple, yet highly interactive and rich approach, you can easily promote your ideas, your opinions and your business. Here is what you can do with Entrepreneur 2.0 Network:

  • Connect with your peers anywhere in the world and invite your colleagues to join.

  • Submit your favourite stories, news and reports from anywhere!

  • Submit your own stories, blogs, opinion pieces and press releases.

  • Vote on stories that interest you.

  • Join and create interest groups.

  • Share stories with groups and colleagues.

  • Save stories to your personal profile.

  • View your voting and comment activity from your profile.

App submitted Tue 24 Mar '09

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