Etz Timesheet Solutions

Etz takes the time out of timesheets. With automated, powerful and easy-to-use software Etz saves recruitment agency back office costs by up to 70%. In just 60 seconds Etz can turn a candidate timesheet into a client invoice.

Your staff no longer need to touch a single sheet of paper or make a calculation. And amazingly, Etz requires no special software installation or complicated training.

Fantastically cost effective and user friendly Etz already makes an immense difference to over 100 customers who would all happily provide a reference.

Get started with the most powerful and amazingly user friendly timesheet software on the planet:

App submitted Wed 10 Aug '11

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Take the time out of timesheets

Review posted Thu 29 Sep '11

If there was ever an industry crying out for a system capable of reducing paper it surely has to be temporary recruitment? Endless timesheets getting lost or received late followed by the tedious task of matching worked hours with candidate’s ... Read more