Welcome to the new interest network, where you listen to places through people to be informed and entertained.

Evzdrop is a free app that allows users to “eavesdrop” on places through people on site who post, or “Drop,” about their real-time experiences in 140 characters or less. Location-verified users can Drop reviews, opinions and feedback from places while comments can be made by users from anywhere. Now Android users can make Drops and follow what people are saying about places, including restaurants, retail stores, bars, stadiums, hotels and other venues. Examples could include how long the wait is at a restaurant, how a team looked in warm-ups or new sales happening at stores.

Evzdrop seeks to bring more verification and credibility to the traditional review process while giving users a filtered interest graph to express themselves and be informed beyond their social networks.

Additional features on the app include:
• A ‘Stealth’ function to allow users to Drop anonymously when they want to be heard but not found
• Optional photo-sharing capability to bring more color and validity to Drop content
• “Props” issued by anyone in the Evzdrop community to the best Drops, pushing them to the top of the list where they will be seen by more users
• Social content sharing via Facebook and Twitter
• Real-time communication with businesses on the network

App submitted Tue 5 Feb '13

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