Falcon Expenses

Fully mobile expense tracking.

Falcon Expenses is the first truly fully mobile iPhone solution for expense tracking, there is no need to go to your desktop. Auto-track tax deductible mileage via GPS or simply enter your odometer readings. Scan receipts, we type merchant, date and amount and unlike other solutions receipt scans are accurate! Also, log billable hours with an integrated timer. The mileage tracking features are particularly popular. Easily organize expenses by time period, client or project into reports for email to anyone in PDF or spreadsheet format, all from your phone. Falcon Expenses is an all in one mobile solution for your expense tracking needs.

Falcon Expenses is great for freelancers, realtors, sole proprietors, professionals and more that need to submit receipts, mileage and time logs to accountants, bookkeepers and clients. You can find out more details on our website (www.falconexpenses.com) and watch a demo video on our YouTube channel (http://ow.ly/rjrRH).

Falcon Expenses was founded on the idea of a fully mobile workforce and the utilization of mobile technology to create a solution for doing expenses that requires little to no human intervention. Using the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest and most efficient animal in the world as our symbol, our mission is to help professionals and businesses do their expenses in the most efficient and intuitive way possible.

App submitted Sun 1 Dec '13

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Review posted Fri 6 Dec '13

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