Far East Business Chinese 1

Improve Business Chinese Skill Anytime, Anywhere.

Far East Business Chinese is designed specifically to teach business people beginning business Chinese. The course includes dialogues, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises based on common business situations. Listening and reading comprehension tests are also provided to give you a measure of how much of the material you have mastered. Study anytime, anywhere with Far East Business Chinese! Features: ◎Supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. ◎Sync bookmarked vocabulary with website ◎Placement test allows you to evaluate your knowledge of Chinese business vocabulary to see if this course is suitable for you. ◎Introduction to business culture given in each lesson. About Far East Business Chinese online learning: http://bizchinese.fareastbook.com In addition to the smartphone version, we also provide an online Business Chinese course. Users can practice typing, speaking and writing skills online and get direct feedback from our online teachers. Users can ask questions or share their Chinese learning experiences on the discussion forum.

App submitted Tue 20 Dec '11

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Review posted Tue 27 Dec '11

You've only got to look at the career of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is fluent in Mandarin, to realize the respect the Chinese business community has for someone who can be bothered to learn their language. And ... Read more