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A fashionista looks at fashion as a form of art and has a great feeling for style. However, some knowledge and research is needed to know what we are talking about. To make the right shopping decisions, characteristics of different fabrics have to be clear. Do you know the difference between silk, satin and chiffon? This is exactly where these fashion games are about, testing your fashion knowledge in finest detail. Do you recognize a brand on the sole picture of some pants? And what about pricing, can you estimate which of two shirts is more expensive? Put it to the test, start gaming now!

App submitted Thu 2 May '13

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Review posted Fri 3 May '13

So how do you think you'd go in the fashion stakes? Have you watched enough episodes of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model to know your silk from your satin and your alpaca from angora? Fashion Games is a ... Read more