FaxDesk provides local fax numbers in any of the 30 countries of your choice to send or receive faxes electronically. Fax Desk allows the customers to send Fax by Email simply by emailing the document they wish to fax. Similarly, it allows you to receive faxes on your mobile or email.

- When someone send you a fax, it is conveniently sent to your email address.

- Free fax number in US

- FaxDesk is the only service provider where receiving fax is ALWAYS FREE !

- Developer API

- iPhone and Android Apps

- No software to install

App submitted Fri 7 Oct '11

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Review posted Tue 11 Oct '11

Let's face it, pretty well every one of us has an email address these days. That's not quite the fact with a fax machine though. I've lost count of the number of times someone has said to me that they'll ... Read more