Feedback Roulette

Get feedback for your website in an easy and fun way!

Feedback Roulette is a service for anonymous exchange of feedback about websites. People review each others’ websites and rate the feedback given. The system is constructed so that people receive the same amount/quality of feedback that they provide themselves.

We were struggling to get feedback for our own websites and came up with an idea that would allow people to exchange feedback and do it in an efficient and fun manner. We did a market research and weren’t able to find a similar tool. Then we spend 2 months refining, implementing and testing the concept. And now it’s launched and is already helping people to get feedback for their projects.

We have just launched, but the project was very well received. We’ve already got our first happy users and we’re leading in the “Originality” category in current Dreamhost Site of the Month contest (hopefully, we’ll win that nomination).

Our unique system of ratings, anonymousness of reviews, feedback mechanism that allows to gather quality reviews and motivates users to leave constructive feedback.

App submitted Thu 23 Sep '10
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