All your loyalty cards on your mobile !

FidMe is a free mobile app (working on every mobile phone), allowing everyone to gather all their loyalty cards and stampcards into their mobile phone. No more bulky wallet, no more forget cards! In store, you can use your phone as a card that scanner will read, or as a stampcard, you will scan a code to add a stamp.

FidMe gather today over 3000 loyalty programs and thousands from shops all over the world! And with FidMe 4, you can access to many improvements and new features:
- Connect your loyalty program directly from FidMe: live display of points balance, access to coupons, account details.
- Passbook connexion. You can push your coupons and local shops gifts into the Apple wallet: no longer miss any single offer!
- An advanced notification center: select and receive offers only from the retailers you chose.
- Simple and advanced geolocation, to find easily new retailers and shops around you.
- 4 more languages: Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese. 14 available languages!

To discover FidMe features, take a look on our last video: and on

App submitted Wed 14 Nov '12

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