Filmaster Mobile

Foursquare for Cinema

Filmaster is a free movie check-in and recommendation app that connects film buffs both locally and around the globe. Every day it provides you with top movie suggestions in your area that fit your personal taste thanks to the powerful social recommendation engine. Check-in to screenings, interact with friends and film lovers like yourself in your area. Watch, review, share!

Highlights of the features:

- rate and review movies: those you love and those you hate,

- get personalized movie recommendations in your area,

- check-in to screenings and see who is sitting next to you,

- find film buffs with similar taste where you live,

- have fresh local movie showtimes for US, UK and Poland always in your pocket,

- read movie synopses, reviews and watch trailers,

- browse through user profiles and their activity streams,

- see what your friends are up to, using the “followed users” tab on the stream screen,

- manage your personal film collection and your wishlist,

- login with facebook or twitter and share your ratings, check-ins and reviews with friends and followers.

And these features are coming soon:

- foursquare integration,

- TV showtimes,

- live walls for events,

- and whatever else you ask @filmaster on twitter!

App submitted Thu 31 Mar '11

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