FingerPiano Plus

This app grants the dream of both adults and children who enjoy music and say, I want to play this piece of music!

It grants the dream of playing music to those who cannot read music,
whose family do not own a piano, who have never touched a piano,
yet have music they want to play and perform for others.

By tapping the piano keys to match the scrolling of the display, you
will be able to play wonderful melodies before you know it. The app also
comes with automatic accompaniment that matches your playing speed.
You can play with just your right hand! You can become a pianist in
a instant.

Performing a song on a piano is just the right present for an important
person on his or her birthday or anniversary. Parent and child and
couples can also enjoy four-handed performances together!

The app comes with 125 free classical pieces. Other tunes, including
JPOP, are scheduled to be added. We also respond to requests to add
musical pieces.

App submitted Wed 26 Dec '12
Tags music

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