Fireballs in the Sky

Get involved in meteor research!

Have you ever seen a bright fireball or meteor? Fireballs in the Sky is an exciting new app which allows you to contribute to meteorite research happening at Curtin University in Western Australia. The app allows you to report your fireball or meteor sightings to our team of planetary scientists and engineers, who incorporate this data into their research as they hunt for space rocks. Using the sensors in your smartphone, the app automatically records time, location, altitude and azimuth of the meteor, then allows you to input details about brightness, colour, speed and fragmentation to build an animated recreation of the fireball you saw.

Your fireball reports will contribute to the Desert Fireball Network - a research project based on a series of cameras positioned throughout the Nullarbor Desert in Western Australia. By capturing fireballs on camera, scientists are able to calculate an orbit and a trajectory for a meteorite - simply put, we can work out where in the solar system a meteorite came from, and where it may have landed. As more and more people contribute to the network with their smartphone reports, scientists can use the smartphone data in exactly the same way as the camera data - which means we can tell you that the fireball you saw came from out beyond Jupiter!

The app also allows the user to keep up with the progress of the Desert Fireball Network research, with everything from field trip blogs and photos, stunning images from the desert cameras, and news and astronomical events available at your fingertips.

Seize the chance to be involved in this citizen science project - your data is important to us and the more contributors we have, the more information we can gather and the bigger the network will grow!

App submitted Fri 13 Dec '13

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