First Step Plus - Fun and Learning Game for Toddlers, Pre Schoolers and Kids

This amazing app will strike a chord with the kids as they learn in easy and simple ways

First Step Plus is an educational game specially designed for your little ones keeping fun and early learning in mind. It is designed such that even a 2 year old can play it independently. Learning can be made fun everyday with this game. The topics covered in First Step Plus are:

Animals- A picture game to identify names of common animals such as Kangaroo, Lion, Elephant, Horse, Monkey, Dinosaur, Fox, etc.
Birds- A picture game to teach names of various birds such as Swan, Pigeon, Woodpecker, Penguin, Falcon, etc.
Professions- A picture game to identify the professions such as Pilot, Nurse, Scientist, Journalist, Policeman, Soldier, Electrician, etc.
Vehicles/Transport- A picture game to learn names of common transports or things that go such as Motorbike, Yacht, Ambulance, Canoe, Rocket, Helicopter, Scooter, etc.

Key features:
* Unique graphical quiz interface with multiple options
* Easy to play & learn
* Helps develop memory and concentration
* Children learn while playing
* Provides the kids a sense of achievement

Excite and enthuse your child with this game while you will love to be a child again too.

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App submitted Wed 31 Jul '13

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