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The purpose of Floor styler is to provide easy means for quick sketching of floor plans in both 2D & 3D with the help of intuitive user interface!
This is a software product based on the Adobe Flash technology targeted mainly towards owners of real estate websites.
Floor styler is useful in cases in which is needed a basic spatial representation of rooms - something which cannot be easily comprehended only with photos. It can also be used for getting a basic idea if rearangement of the existing furnutire and fixtures is needed.
The apparent benefit for owners of real estate websites is that they can attract more visitors with the improved feature of the websites.
Floor Styler allows simultaneous processing of up to 15 users and up to 60 projects, supports rich variety of flooring, objects, walls, shapes , textures and colors.Projects could be exported as JPEG or PNG images. PNG images support the transparency feature.
There are 4 product pricing plans – basic, personal, professional and enterprise. The free version of the service supports up to 1 user and 1 project and the enterprise up to 15 users and 60 projects/ monthly. Suitable for owners of interior and architect studios with large arrays of projects that need to quickly and accurately processed.
The price of the service is formed by personal requirements and an initial installation fee and then pay according to the monthly consumption.

App submitted Mon 26 Nov '12

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A high quality floor planner for interior designers and real estate

Review posted Wed 28 Nov '12

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