Netflix for TextBooks

A web based platform providing a package of academic textbooks, past exam papers, theses and video content to students for a monthly subscription on any web enabled device (we are currently focussing on the sciences).

Flooved adds value to the content by building context into it by specifically cross linking relevant topics by chapter. This is done using a combination of statistical, semantic and ontological indexing engines.

Flooved is also social, we allow users to annotate, add links, and add content on top of the underlying content, this can then be accessed by other people on the platform. Professors can also do the same and interact with their students. The indexing engines also applies to user generated content so that the best annotations etc are pushed to the top of the list.

App submitted Sun 13 Jan '13

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Review posted Thu 17 Jan '13

Flooved is a social educational application that offers benefits to students, academics and publishers. Eventually, this intelligent app will turn into one of the best and most comprehensive libraries of academic textbooks online but, for the moment, it focusses purely ... Read more