Clever UI prototyping

FluidUI is a mobile app prototyping design tool. It is fast, user friendly and very intuitive. It has been designed from the ground up with one aim, to save you time and money when prototyping and gathering requirements. Create everything from low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity prototypes. Rapidly see and interact with them on a mobile device to aid testing and design. Supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet.

Prototype Android & iOs apps quickly and efficiently by drag and dropping widgets from the extensive libraries and/or by uploading your own images & screenshots and then adding clickable hot spots. Link pages together with various transitions and gestures then test it on a mobile device in minutes. Share it with clients & colleagues and export your work for later use.

Try it now for FREE at www.fluidui.com No Fuss. No Forms.

App submitted Thu 16 Aug '12

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Review posted Mon 20 Aug '12

Judging from some of the feedback received about this mobile prototyping application I would say that it has been a highly anticipated release. FluidUI is an easy to use and rapid-fast prototype design tool for android and iOS that lets ... Read more