Foodily helps people find what they love to eat. Through its comprehensive recipe network, influenced by friends, people can find recipes from across the web, compare them side by side, and see what their friends like to help them decide.

Search results are displayed in a beautiful side-by-side comparison view of recipes that you can flip through like a magazine. You can select your favorites and let your friends see what you like. Collect recipes into a menu, then share tips and opinions. Create a Facebook event when you make a menu and invite friends to share the meal.

Recipes by the thousand including chicken recipes, pasta recipes, vegetarian recipes, fish recipes as well as soups, starters and desserts.

App submitted Tue 23 Aug '11

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Food, I love you

Review posted Tue 6 Sep '11

Of course there are millions of recipe sites around on the net that will stimulate your taste buds. The difference with Foodily is that, not only is it a beautifully crafted interface, but it also connects you with your friends ... Read more