Forex SMS Alerts

Most recent economic events via SMS. Trade with confidence!

When you are trading in Forex, often you cannot sit at your computer all day long. You have to eat, go to see some people, so you have to LIVE. Also constant chart analysis and tracking sometimes can drive you crazy. So you need a way to be informed about critical news events that shake Forex market and in the same time be able to do ordinary stuff.

Here comes to help our FX SMS Alert service. Let’s say usually you track several currency pairs and want to be informed about next Forex events in 10 minutes or so via SMS message into your mobile phone.

You just have to login into your FX SMS Alert account. Adjust currencies you track, economic event volatilities and timeframe when you want to receive SMS alerts. Every time you get this message it tells you what event, impact, estimated outcome it will result. So you will be able to prepare your trades with relax and in no time.

App submitted Fri 9 Jul '10

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