FourChords HD

FourChords App makes music notes and tabs old news for the occasional guitarist!

Hi fellow music lovers,
As you might know, our drinking water is a little different in Finland. It contains without doubt ingredients that makes people develop great apps!
We are a bunch of guitar players and IT professionals from Finland and we would like to introduce you our new App: FourChords - The Ultimate Guitar Karaoke!
We have developed FourChords App to solve two personal problems: the difficult beginning of the guitarist career and jamming together with nobody remembering the lyrics or chords of the songs.

Did you know that over 50% of the beginner guitarist quit before they get to the enjoyable skil level and actually play a real song? That is way too many future guitarists  gone! Our mission is give all the wanna-be-guitarists a real chance to play their favorite songs (before they get frustrated and quit). We hope that with FourChords App guitarists can get to the fun part of playing faster and continue playing and learning more.
Check out our web-page &promo-vid and download it here:
Story of FourChords in Arctic Startup:
We are super exited about the app - we believe it´s a great tool to guitar learning and jamming, something totally new in the guitar scene :) (Yesterday in the office our guys were playing totally strange songs to them and they could play together super smoothly at the first sigt of the song - and sing because of the lyrics. Cool. Mission accomplished about that usually problematic situation.)
We launched FourChords in Finland May 2012 and it reached the #1 position in the Music Category. We got good results from the finnish test-market and improved the App according to the user´s wishes.

FourChords is now available in US Apple App Store (launched 22 November). Already elected for Best Apps of the week list in Stuff & Guardian and many others!
The future plans of FourChords include other instruments like bass guitar and piano, publication channel for new talents... it will take the song & playbook business to this century :)

Rock on!

App submitted Tue 4 Dec '12

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