Freaky Flipsters

Two-faced characters in a topsy-turvy world
Visit the topsy-turvy world of the Freaky Flipsters, alien creatures with evil and friendly sides in a single body! Fire energy orbs at the Flipsters to flip Wiz and his friends them from their evil sides to their good sides and save them from the evil Zaz. *Solve physics-based puzzles and shoot orbs across the screen! *Dodge and trick the Onos--they chase after your taps! *Blast through obstacles and enemies with special Glowing Orbs! *Test your aim and reflexes as you fire orbs at moving targets! *Fight the evil Zaz in four themed boss levels! *Find rare Flipsters roaming specific levels! *Collect Flipsters of your very own to flip and play with! These colorful, quirky characters, created by award-winning artist David Quentin Sheldon, will engage players of all ages.
App submitted Wed 10 Jul '13

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