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Accounting Made Easy ia a free online accounting software for small business owners. It records and processes small business accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balance etc. It functions as an accounting information system. This Bookkeeping Software provides an easy way to keep users accounts information online with reliable and secured data transfer. With easy forms for invoicing, purchase and bank reconciliation it is easy to maintain accounts.

Our Small Business Bookkeeping Software is capable of serving the needs of multiple national accountancy standards and allows accounting with multiple users. Any organization or individual can avail our free online accounting as a service from anywhere in this world and keep in touch with their business. Numia accounting information system has lot of free reports which would help users to track their business online and it’s even easier as reports are customizable.Numia has introduced two new techniques.

1) SMS Transaction &

2) EBay Transaction

SMS Transaction:

An exciting great future from Numia, with which one can able to get the company data, add transactions into numia accounting through SMS. All you have to do is to register your mobile number with numia. Once the mobile no is registered, you are ready to use the SMS service. There are certain default SMS Transaction codes available for the ease of use. You could also customize the SMS keywords for your specific transactions. Simply send an SMS to know your account balance.

EBay Transaction:

Numia gives you yet another feature which will be more user-friendly. Numia provides you a gateway to connect to your eBay account and you can record your purchase and sales transactions. No need to track eBay separately and record transactions. You could view the active selling and active purchase items on eBay directly from your numia account. You can even customize the transactions setting on your own.

We are proud to say that, Numia is the first accounting software to introduce the SMS and EBay transaction service for its customer. With Numia, get high quality online accounting service and be skilled in managing your accounting resources.

App submitted Wed 9 Mar '11

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