Fuel Monitor

The new way to measure your petrol costs‏!

Always dreamed of knowing exactly how much your trip will cost you? Splitting the cost with your fellow students without arguments? Letting your boss know exactly how much he owes you? No more guessing needed! Simply download this app and let the calculator do the work. Speed, gas used, average consumption, distance, duration and, of course, price; all this information is now effortlessly available to you. You can share your trip's data with your friends or boss, or simply keep track of how much gas you’re using. Unlike other apps that calculate gas prices, this is the only app that uses your GPS to calculate the exact amount, rather than you having to guess the trip's distance. Fuel Monitor identifies your location and gives you accurate information. Fuel Monitor bases its calculations on consumption data provided by manufacturers, and enhances this data by integrating additional information such as your driving style, traffic jams, accelerations, braking and more. This approach gives you extremely accurate information based on your individual driving style and trip data. All you have to do is select your vehicle and start driving. Features: · Choose from various units of measurement (world wide support ) - MPG(US), MPG(IMP), KPL, L/100KM. · The ‘Efficiency Meter’ - get information on the efficiency of your driving like never before. Good driving will significantly reduce your gas consumption (up to 15% of monthly fuel costs) which, as a bonus, reduces your carbon footprint. See how much fuel you’re burning per mile and try to stay on the green light’ to reduce your usage. If you are driving at a high speed, for instance, and you use the accelerator a lot, the green light goes down to yellow, orange or red. Likewise, it identifies if you are stationary in traffic or step on the accelerator or brakes too frequently. · Data is shown in real-time – duration, distance, speed, gas used, average consumption and cost. · Trip estimation – estimate the cost of your trip in advance, by distance or by address. · There are also functions for parking and finding your way back to your vehicle. · We have a pool of over 60,000 vehicles to choose from. · Save your trip, and share it with friends or show it to your boss. · Calculate the total costs of several trips with the ‘Calculator’ in the ‘My Journeys’ page. · Keep the app running in the background. We would love to hear how we can improve your user experience Find us on Facebook as 'Fuel Monitor'.

App submitted Sun 25 Nov '12

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Review posted Tue 27 Nov '12

There's plenty of talk lately about the price of petrol . Whether it is the fluctuation of price, your car's fuel efficiency or simply the Iranians forcing up the cost of a barrel with their disruptive techniques, the bottom line ... Read more