Gingko App

The world's only tree-based word processor

Gingko is the only word processor that lets you see structure and content at the same time.

For screenplays, group study notes, writing a novel, project management, or academic writing, Gingko lets you write better, faster.

It does this by letting you branch your writing, to expand and add more detail to a topic or section, while still keeping it in view. That means you can drill in to a topic and add details, or pull back and see the big picture.

Since Gingko uses cards, you can also drag them around and rearrange them, so you can organize your document as you go.

And it's simple to use: arrow keys, a few keyboard shortcuts, and mouse to drag cards around.

Once you learn how to use Gingko, you'll be able to organize your thoughts and words like never before.

Give it a try!

App submitted Fri 30 Aug '13


Intuitive tools to help your writing to flow naturally

Review posted Sat 31 Aug '13

The art of writing can be a difficult thing unless you are well organized and have the right equipment at your disposal. Many of us have lots of different Word documents, sheets of paper or just stuff in our head ... Read more