The beautiful way to organize code snippets

GistBox is the best interface to Github Gists. Organize your snippets with labels. Edit your code. Search by description. All in one speedy app.

Split-Panel Browsing:
Snippets list on one side. Code on the other. Whether you like to preview or analyze, do it quickly with GistBox.

Color-Coded Labels:
Pretty labels to help you organize your code by programming language, project or purpose.

Search and Filtering:
Never dig through text files again. Use the fast search function to find code by #label or keyword.

Keyboard Shortcut:
Shortcuts for browsing, searching and editing means less clicking around.

Feature-Rich Code Editor:
Edit your code with language-aware syntax highlighting, formatting and error checking. GistBox uses the excellent Ace Code Editor.

App submitted Wed 18 Sep '13

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