Glance - Simple Web Analytics

Get detailed statistics about your website visitors

Glance – Simple Web Analytics is a PHP software package that will let you get detailed statistics about your website visitors. Its self-hosted on your servers so the data is always under your control. Use our simple front-end to glance over your visitor data or export it anytime you wish.

With multiple domain tracking included, you can keep track of all your domains with only one script installation. You also get real-time analytics tracking which will show you your traffic without any delay.

Traffic metrics include page views, visits and unique visitor counts. Get to know your visitors by tracking what pages they see the most (and which they ignore), the browsers they use, the operating systems, and they're location sorted by country and city.

Get to know your traffic sources by knowing who's linking to your site, and in the case of search engine traffic what keywords they're using so you can better target your users.

Our SkyView website overview feature gives you a birds eye look at how traffic is moving across your website, showing you what pages are linked to each other and to the outside. Update your website structure by studying the flow of traffic.

The full documentation, easy installer and how to video will guide you thru installing Glance on your server and get you up and running within minutes.

The best way to understand how Glance can help you to understand your traffic is to see it live and in action, check out the online demo at .

App submitted Sun 15 Sep '13

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