Goal Stacker

Each task you create focuses on how much time you have. Every day you get a list of tasks tailored to the amount of time you have available. No more feeling overwhelmed by looking at an endless list of tasks. You’ll finish each day with a sense of accomplishment knowing you completed everything you had time for.

GoalStacker makes it easy to figure out how much time you’re spending on your tasks. You can time each task to track exactly how much time it takes to complete.

Wake up every morning with your personalized Today List. Each day GoalStacker sends you a Today List of tasks tailored to the time you have available.

GoalStacker works in all major browsers on PC or Mac and is completely cloud based so you can access it anywhere.

App submitted Wed 14 Sep '11

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Review posted Sat 24 Sep '11

Do you often feel a little overwhelmed by what you have to achieve each day...whether at work or at home? What you really need is a personal assistant to map out and plan your day. Goal Stacker is a time ... Read more