GoDocs For Google Docs and Google Drive

GoDocs v3.2 is your first assistant for Google Docs and Google Drive.

lightroomapps. launched the recent version of GoDocs 3.2 for Google Docs™ and Google Drive™ for iPhone and iPad.
GoDocs provides users with fully featured access to their Google Docs™ and Google Drive™ account from anywhere. This app is an universal productivity solution for everybody.
I would like you to point out some of new improvements for this update:
Optical Character Recognition
Now your PDFs and Images can be converted into editable text.
Refined Management
Make your files and folders visible or viewless. Upload videos from your gallery. Batch management works in any folder: download, mail, organize or delete several files at the same time.
Improved Editing
We polished and fixed online editing, so you are not affected by Google bugs.
Instant Push Notifications
You'll be immediately informed about all changes which were made in your texts.
iOS 6 compatibility
Use the best and fastest way to work with your documents on iOS 6.

GoDocs 3.2 for Google Docs™ is currently available for downloading through the App Store for $4.99 in the Productivity category

If you require more information about the application follow our website: http://lightroomapps.com/products/godocs/

App submitted Sat 8 Sep '12

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