Grand Piano

Learn how to play popular songs
Learn how to play popular songs on your iPad and iPhone. Grand Piano offers you a selection of popular songs that is regularly updated. You can customize the way you learn, choose left hand, right hand or both, or just watch. You can also select the speed at which you learn and pause/resume the song. An integrated metronome can be activated to give you a better pace while you play. Grand Piano can also be used as a regular piano that you can use to play your own songs. -------------------------------------------------------- *** FEATURES *** -------------------------------------------------------- -> Learning mode -> Popular songs -> Play/pause while learning -> Hand selection -> Watch mode -> Change learning speed -> Song updates -> Free play mode -> Full size 88 key keyboard -> Scrollable keyboard -> Metronome -> Customizable piano sound -> Retina graphics -> Plays on iPhone & iPad -> Facebook sharing -------------------------------------------------------- *** CURRENT SONGS *** -------------------------------------------------------- - Happy Birthday - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Swan Lake - Silent Night - Jingle Bells - Mary Had A Little Lamb - London Bridge - Oh, Susanna - Yankee Doodle - The Farmer In The Dell - MORE COMING SOON!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------- *** HOW TO PLAY *** -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Select Play & Learn from the menu 2. Select the song you like from the songs list 3. Choose the hand you want to practice 4. Tap on a piano key while a falling bar moves behind it 5. Release the piano key when the falling bar has disappeared
App submitted Sat 1 Dec '12

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