Groovy Garage

Manage your car-repair garage - The Groovy way!
Manage a car-repair garage to attract customers and to show your friends who the best car mechanic is! Repair, fix, wash, tune and paint cars while paying attention to customer satisfaction. UNIQUE CASUAL STRATEGY GAME ✔ Greet customers and repair their cars ✔ Accept 25 different jobs ✔ Gain experience to unlock new cars, jobs, items and features. ✔ Mission system with over 150 goals! ✔ Unique economy system: collect different materials for different jobs ✔ No energy required! Play as much as you like! FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE WORLD ✔ Design your own garage with over 400 placable objects! ✔ Design your own character with over 150 available clothes! SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT ✔ Connect via Facebook and reach all of your friends! ✔ Hire your friends as your own employees! ✔ See your friend's character in their unique clothing in your garage! ✔ Visit your friends' garage and help them out! ✔ Receive special gifts from your friends and send them back! UNIVERSAL APP ✔ Play this game on any device just by logging in with your Facebook account! No synchronization required!
App submitted Wed 13 Mar '13

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