Groups are good.

GroupGel was borne out of the basic idea that Groups are Good. People do good things in groups. Whether it's school, church, synagogue, charity, campaigns, sports or underwater basket-weaving -- groups create community, foster relationships, get things done, and make the world a better place. GroupGel lets groups spend more time doing and less time managing.

A one-stop, cloud-based application, GroupGel makes it easier to manage groups, get people involved, and communicate with group members. With GroupGel, users can:

• Disseminate messages and emergency notices to groups of individuals via text, email and/or voicemail.
• Create sign-ups - whether volunteer time slots, items needed for an event, or things that need to be done – users can post a list, watch volunteers sign up and know who’s doing what in real-time.
• Schedule events and collect RSVPs from people in the group for efficiency.
• Post and manage discussions among group members.

App submitted Tue 4 Dec '12

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