Healthcare Blue Book

Solution for healthcare fair pricing

The Healthcare Blue Book is provided free to consumers. The Healthcare Blue Book price represents a fair price to pay for a service or product when the patient is paying cash at the time of treatment. It represents a payment amount that many high-quality providers accept from insurance companies as payment in full, and it is usually less than the stated "billed charges" amount.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for consumers to determine fair pricing for healthcare. Prices are not generally published and the list prices (or billed charges) are higher than providers typically charge most of their patients with insurance. The Healthcare Blue Book is a free resource that shows a fair price for healthcare products and services to consumers.

Consumers with traditional health insurance frequently need to know how much healthcare services will cost. Average deductibles are increasing and can be $1000 or higher. Coinsurance rates, which are the percentage of the bill that the consumer must pay, range from 20 to 40%. Many consumers would prefer to use the doctor of their choice, instead of the one selected as "in-network" by their insurance company, as long as they knew they wouldn't have to pay higher prices. There are also "non-covered services" that may not be covered by insurance. As health insurance companies shift more of the cost to consumers, consumers need to be able to choose healthcare services at fair prices.

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