Hip Hop Box

Make professional sounding tracks in a few minutes with minimal previous knowledge

Hip Hop Box allows anyone who is interested in Hip Hop music to make professional sounding tracks in a few minutes with minimal previous knowledge.

The aim of Hip Hop Box is to show people who are interested in making electronic music that you can get professional results very quickly if you know the rules about making hip hop and follow set templates. As a professional Hip Hop producer with over ten years experience, I have seen many new musicians struggling to get the correct sounds and make professional sounding music, normally this is not down to musical skill but because of a lack of understanding about the fundamental elements that come together to make a Hip Hop song.

Hip Hop Box solves these problems and gives you various features to help you have fun making music and get great results in real time.
-100s of cutting edge loops and sound effects
-Separate layers for drums, melody, percussion, vocals, background loops and sound effects
-Easy to use interface to help facilitate making music quickly
-Record and save your songs for editing later

App submitted Tue 20 May '14

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