For the Explorer Within You

Holidify.com is a destination discovery website aiming to simplify holiday planning experience. It provides a platform which promotes all kinds of destinations – ranging from popular to offbeat, from mainstream to exotic. Its differentiating features are interactive map- based GUI and powerful filters which let users explore their dream destinations.

Holidify.com is much more than just an information portal and here is how it is different from all the other travel websites
•Interactive User Interface- The interactive map-based GUI helps users discover unexplored tourist destinations around the world. This is a first of its kind tool which helps boost tourism to off-beat destinations exposing travellers to a multitude of new locations.
•Preferences: The filters are there to help users search destinations according to their preferences. Destinations are categorised using tags which makes it easier for users to pick holidays most suited to their interests. The weekend getaway section targets >70% of the travellers living in metro-cities and gives specific information on destinations close to them, ideal for a weekend trip .
•Personalisation- Users of Holidify.com see especially curated content for them. Unlike other websites which show same content for every user, we show what users should see. This works through social integration and users can create various lists of places. Users can also follow other people and their activities, connect with each other and ask for recommendations.

App submitted Wed 15 Jan '14

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