HotJar Insights

A New Easy Way to Truly Understand Your Visitors

Unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites. See how visitors are really using your website, collect feedback and turn more visitors into customers. What is included in Hotjar Insights? - Click and Scroll Heatmaps - Visitor Session Playback - Funnel and Form Analysis - Feedback Polls - Responsive Surveys - Recruit User Testers - Proactive Chat Why Hotjar Insights is different: - It’s truly mobile first - we’ve designed each feature to work on mobile devices as well as on all regular desktops - Unbelievable value - what would have cost $300 / month (starting price) is now only $29 / month - It’s unlimited - our clients can have unlimited sites, users and traffic Sign up for the free early access today at

App submitted Fri 18 Jul '14

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Review posted Mon 21 Jul '14

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