HUDWAY. Navigation on the car windshield.

HUD, iOS, Navigation, Projector, Drive Safety

With HUDWAY you can easily turn your iOS device into a Heads-Up Display that will show up on your windshield in low-visibility situations, including snow, rain, darkness. The Andorid version will be coming soon in February 2014. But iOS-users can enjoy right now this incredible easy-to-use, simply buy and install the app on their device, program the route and then set it on your car’s dashboard facing up and display the GPS info on your windshield. There can be some problems - dashboard can’t hold the device still, you’ll have to go out and buy some kind of anchor to keep it from sliding around or else you won’t get a clear display of directions - for instance much easy to have a silicone mat.
Hudway allows you to focus on the road and keep your hands on the wheel instead of having to look down at your phone or navigation device for directions since they’re displayed right in front of you for easy viewing. It also provides users with useful info like current speed and distance to next sharp curve, where it’s better slow down and more. All dangerous turns display in red and prior marks on the road helps to visually measure the distance to turn.

App submitted Wed 22 Jan '14

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