Hugo Retro Mania

Hugo: The Little Hero Makes A Big Comeback

Hugo enchanted screens in the 1990s through being the world’s first interactive TV game. TV audiences would compete feverishly to take part in the “phone-in” game show to explore the mines of Hugo’s world, littered with a mix of desirables and dangers.

Fast forward to 2012, the plucky troll is back in a compelling cave running arcade game on iPhone and iPad. His fearless comeback has scored success with Top 3 chart positions in the iTunes appstore across 15 territories. Scurry through mines, jump pitfalls and dynamite, collect a swag of jewels, with the aim being to reunite his family from the clutches of arch-enemy’s, Sculla the witch and Don Croco the malevolent crocodile. With three different game modes, and careful game balancing, Hugo Retro Mania has enough content to hold the attention of a broad audience: from the casual gamer, to the fans of twitch-based arcade gameplay.

Hugo Retro Mania will appeal to those who fell in love with Hugo the first time around, since the Danish-based independent developer, Krea Media, have translated the gameplay of the original TV gameshow to modern-day smartphones and tablets.

Discover a treasure chest of features:

 Features brand new ‘lava’ levels

• 3 different game modes designed to appeal to a broad audience

• Includes the original gameplay with intuitive controls adapted for smartphones

• Compete against you friends in a local Scoreboard

• Challenge fans of Hugo around the world through the Global Scoreboard

• Collect up to 15 trophies on your adventures

• Publish your score to Facebook and Game Center

Little hero, big facts:

• Hugo was one of the world’s first interactive phone games

• Has won ‘Best TV entertainment awards in more than 8 countries

• He’s adored by 1.2 million fans on facebook

He’s a friend to all with the game being accessible in 17 different languages.

How far can you travel down the mines?

App submitted Sun 26 Feb '12

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