iBaby My Pregnancy Due Tracker for your elapsed weeks and days

Keep track on the Baby Due date and development

iBaby's My Baby Pregnancy Due Tracker Web App is specially designed for pregnant moms to Keep track on the Baby Due date, Extended Baby Development information, Current Gestational age (like doctors use) and the Elapsed Week/Days of their current pregnancy. Track your baby progress: Once your due date is configured and entered, the program will keep you updated of your current pregnancy progress. Baby Information including a brief summary of happenings with the baby at the current gestational age as well as information about the average length and weight of the baby. Features: - Blue and Pink theme - Display the number of days and seconds left to your due date - Display Baby development information week by week - Current gestational age in weeks and days (like doctors use) - Progress bar that will show you how far you have progressed week by week

App submitted Tue 12 Aug '14

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Who said that there wasnt any such thing as a baby manual?

Review posted Sat 16 Aug '14

There's an old adage that says something along the lines of 'babies don't come with a users manual' but here's an app that goes some way to defying that. iBaby is a new free baby health monitoring application that helps ... Read more