Facebook Fan Pages With Style

With a set of comprehensive branding options and interactive features, we provide a one-stop solution for creating stylish and engaging Facebook Fan Pages without any technical or artistic expertise necessary.

We offer:

  • The most advanced online editing Fan Page software in the world.

  • All tabs are HTML 5 including galleries and titles , so all content can be seen on iPad.

  • HTTPS security. Starting October 1st, 2011 all Apps and Page Tabs on Facebook will require a https:// secure connection to be viewed on Facebook. Without the SSL on a page tab or iframed in site, Fans will not be able to Fan page content. Iframetab has SSL, and your content will be able to viewed without interruption.

  • No annoying inner scrollbars on your Fan page 

  • Unlimited pages within your Iframetab - Main navigation and sub-navigation


App submitted Fri 25 Nov '11

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Facebook fan page design app that covers all the bases

Review posted Sun 4 Dec '11

I don't think i've ever seen a Facebook Fan Page design app quite as comprehensive as this one. It almost astonishes me with the amount of content it contains. iFrameTab is, quite simply, a cut above many and a seriously ... Read more