iMeet Video Conferencing

iMeet is low bandwidth video conferencing for business.

Your own meeting room online. Talk through your computer from anywhere in the world or connect to any phone or mobile device at no extra charge. Invite guests – up to 15 at a time. It’s free for them with no downloads or headaches.

No clue who’s talking? John? Susan? Some random person who sounds like they could be important? With iMeet®, you can see everyone. And when somebody talks, their cube glows. To dig even deeper, click on a guest for a bio and photos.

App submitted Thu 1 Sep '11

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Your Own Personal Online Meeting Room.

Review posted Sat 17 Sep '11

Wow! When someone said "get a room" I didn't know this is what they meant. IMeet Video Conferencing isn't a dingy room in a backstreet hotel though. It's a penthouse apartment at The Ritz. iMeet is a low bandwidth video ... Read more