Invoice Manager by StivaSoft

Web based accounting and billing software!

Invoice Manager is a simple PHP/MySQL based accounting script and invoice program professionally developed to meet the small and middle business needs of business accounting software. A Developer Licence is available with the full SOURCE CODE. If you want to modify the Invoice Manager script or use it on all your clients’ websites then you can buy the Developer Licence and download full SOURCE CODES. You are allowed to modify it and use it on all the websites that you create for your clients. You can create a complete and detailed database of all your clients, create and manage invoices, generate reports, send massages, allow online payments, etc.

Each invoice has its own unique URL which shows invoice details using the invoice template. It can be used to easily print an invoice. You can add default VAT value to each invoice or custom change VAT value for each of the invoices, duplicate invoice, print or email invoices.

App submitted Mon 18 Jul '11

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