Debt manager for things and money

IOU (I owe you) is a debt manager app for things and money. Keep record of debts, bills and loans. Just think about how much you can save by remembering all the small debts. With IOU you will not forget about that book you gave someone or who owes you for a lunch. It's even possible to keep track of loans and periodic bills - all in this single app. Access your data with a browser or on the go with Android, iPhone and Windows 8 apps.

App submitted Tue 9 Apr '13

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Never forget who borrowed your Marvin Gaye book ... or that $20!

Review posted Fri 12 Apr '13  ·  311 comments

Have a look at your fridge door. Is it covered with post-it notes detailing money owed or split bills that you share with flat mates?  Or a list of books, cd's or DVD's that you have lent to friends? That's ... Read more