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Jawoco is a Technology Company. It has a Search Engine & a Web Browser known Xtravo Explorer.

Jawoco is Founded by Young entrepreneur Imran Sheikh.

Imran started working on Web Browser called Xtravo Explorer to get into technology industry. In Nov 12, 2008 the company released it’s Web Browser under beta. Xtravo Explorer Browser in beta version got more than 200,000 users.

In an interview with DW Radio of Germany, Imran Sheikh told that if Jawoco gets a Buy out offer then he would demand to be bought like Youtube, meaning having control over his Product which was Xtravo Explorer.

In Summer 2009, Imran announced that Jawoco.Com will be a Service itself like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Developers did not have an idea that Imran Sheikh meant that it will be a search engine although the CEO announced the best examples.

In August 2009, Jawoco Search Engine was released as the underdog.

October 20th 2009, Jawoco announced that it has officially reached up to 2.5 Million Default users for Xtravo Explorer and Jawoco Search Engine out of beta.

Jawoco Search Main Page is the World’s Fastest opening page, faster than Google as it has been tested by 500 Developers Worldwide, claiming to be the “Best Google Killer” website ever.

On July 3rd, 2010, Sheikh Imran Ahmed announced that name “Jawoco.Com” will have “.Com” removed because Jawoco will deal in various technology matters.

Jawoco.Com Search name changed to “Jawoco” for the Search Engine and for reference it will be called Jawoco Search.

Concept of Google Instant by Google inspired Jawoco in way that Google couldn’t do the way Jawoco has done, which is Instant Search without going to a Another Page, One Page Search.

Jawoco Instant Search Engine the most used and now offering instant results based on accuracy and relevancy of the search results. Jawoco features like Quick Look, which has inspired Google (Instant Preview) and thumbshots have gone to the books of history.

Jawoco Concept and the company revamped and redesigned it’s Logo and slogan, which is now “Be Wicked :)” with smiley. Jawoco has come up with instant search with more easier way to search that is One Page Search which is not available anywhere.

Jawoco has increased users to millions and motivating it’s users to make Jawoco Search Default as a Homepage on all Five Browsers except Opera. Xtravo Explorer in the list of Five browsers too.

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