Jawoco Search Engine

Jawoco Search engine is one of the most different search engines, as it is built-in with major new features which Google and Bing lack.

Jawoco has a Feature called Social Recommendation, which uses Facebook Recommend and Tweet button to judge the factor that how many times a link has been shared on the internet and recommended by users worldwide. This is only for Web and Academia Searches.

Along with this, it has a plenty other more features like Instant Look (let users view the website instantly on the spot), share via email, open link in new tab, thumb-shots of website to preview it instantly and much more.

One of the best feature is that Jawoco does not track users IP Address and lets user search the web anonymously. It keeps track of the queries which are being searched, in order to know the Top Searches only.

Jawoco is also known for its speed in searching and known for its quality search results according to many users.

App submitted Sat 10 Sep '11
Tags search tools

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