Your Virtual Office

It is a Cloud-based (Centralized system where you can access anywhere) Inventory and Accounting System. It allows you to store your customer information, inventory data, invoices, quotations and reports in the cloud and helps you to save on your hardware and software costs.

There are many reasons to use Just2Cloud. You can use it to:
- Keep contact details
- Track inventory
- Generate Quotation/Invoices/Delivery Order
- Manage Accounting
- Share information
- Generate Report of Sales, Profit & Loss
- Many more...

App submitted Mon 28 Jan '13

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A virtual office that is perfect for small business

Review posted Tue 12 Feb '13

While there have been many cloud-based accounting and invoicing apps that have passed through our virtual hands here at the FeedMyApp offices over the last few months not many are as comprehensive or cost effective as this one. Just2Cloud is ... Read more