A FAST& FUN Way To job posting
Kurrentjobs is a simple job posting web application, developed using Ruby on Rails. The website is intended to invite big and startup companies including individual recruiters across the globe to post technical/startup jobs on various categories of software technologies, like Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP/CakePHP , Android, iPhone & other jobs based on their requirements. For recruiters the website features an extremely user friendly interface to post job ads based on their requirements. Job seekers can browse through various job postings and choose the right career option that matches their skill set, location and company of their choice. Kurrentjobs has been developed by a team of ruby on rails developers from Andolasoft. Andolasoft is a leading USA based software Development Company having experience and expertise in developing Software Applications using Ruby on Rails, PHP/CakePHP, Java and Android technologies. It is having a wide customer base from USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore with dedicated team of developers.
App submitted Fri 16 Nov '12

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