Sharing has never been this smart

Kwixer enables you to share and recommend in a smart and intelligent way what you've watched, listened to, played, read or where you ate.
Why intelligent? Simply because the application comes with a social recommendation engine! The more you kwix the better the suggestions will get!

Kwixer is the best application to answer these kind of questions:
* What movies/books/videogames/restaurants/.. have my friends watched/read/played/ate at/.. and liked lately?
* I just watched Avatar what should I watch next?

Thanks to Kwixer see what your friends have been doing, filter them by actions and recommend new things.

Happy kwixing!

App submitted Mon 7 Jan '13

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Review posted Mon 7 Jan '13

It's often said that critics are simply failed performers who got out of the bed the wrong way before they saw the film, played the game or visited the restaurant but that's not really fair. There are some great reviewers ... Read more